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Dominican Republic Adventures

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Despite its year-round hot summer temperatures, the Dominican Republic’s tropical climate and location makes it prone to hurricanes and torrential rain. Hurricane season runs from June to November, while the rainy season on the north coast runs from October to April and May to November on the south coast. The busiest time of year is between December and April when North Americans take their vacations to tropical climes. The European tourist stampede is generally June to September.

Travel in the Dominican Republic offers a chance to experience the Caribbean off the beaten track. It is home to some of the Caribbean’s best and least crowded beaches and the sounds of the merengue is never far away. If you are lucky enough to travel the Dominican Republic during a carnival, you’ll be in for a real party!

Top tourist attractions in Dominican Republic include:

* Cabritos Island center located in Lago Enriquillo and features crocodiles, flamingos, white crown pigeons and much more.

* The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival which is held at Cabarete every year during the first week of November. The festival brings jazz musicians and bands to perform on the beach.

* The Santo Domingo Merengue Festival, which is a weeklong event hosted at the Malecon during the last week of July.

* Whale watching in Samana Peninsula where you can see humpback whales.

* The Three Eyes of Water (Los Tres Ojos De Agua) cave which is located four miles from Santo Domingo and features tropical greens and an underground crystal clear river.

* Exploring San Cristobal City where you can learn more about Dominican Republic culture.

 * The Manati theme Park where you can see exotic animals such as iguanas, flamingos, etc; and swim with dolphins and sea lions.

* The Azua de Compostela city which features an impressive church, an Archeological Museum and a city hall and market.

* Pueblo Viejo where you can explore ancient ruins and historical structures.

* The Mount Isabel de Torres which offers scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean.

* The Day of the Dead festival which happens at the beginning of November and it is a celebration where the locals honor the dead.

* The Samana Peninsula which is located north of the island and features blue water sandy beaches as well as beautiful caves.

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